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Thrice he knocked upon my door.

The first for my hand

which I kindly declined.

Again for my love

which belonged to another.


for my soul

which he stole from my loins.

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What is sleep

at six-thirty in the morning

and your eyes feel heavy

but your body wants to

run a marathon?


Sleep is good.

Sleep is great.

So why does sleep

elude me tonight?


The news is on

which wasn’t wise

but I’m tired

so stop judging.


The doom and gloom

that 2017 is forcing

upon us lingers like an

iced bun in the

sun with flies

beginning to swarm

the sugary promise

of tomorrow.


What is sleep

to a student?


Sunshine that’s currently

hidden behind the clouds

of being awake.








Can you tell I was sleep deprived when I wrote this? 

This was one of those early morning poems I wrote when I was beyond stressed and couldn’t shut my mind off for long enough to fall asleep.

I’m going through a similar thing now, so I decided to share the poem.


What do you do when you’re sleep deprived? Let me know in the comments below.

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upon a

time, I let

myself believe that you

were an angel sent down

to guide me through

the avalanche and

keep me


my toes

as everything around

me crumbled to oblivion.

But, as the days get

longer, I watch as

you stumble in

the snow


faster than

ice in warm water.

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London Calling

Life moves faster than light

Only to break into night.

Night of horrors where

Darkness comes to play, where

One-self can’t hide from the life

Now moving faster than light.


Can you explain the might

All over the trains at night

Leaving faster than they arrive

London no longer one big surprise

Influx of people barging through doors

Never mind the lack of floors

Giving way to stampedes.

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You hide behind the side of a crumbling building

Breathe deep and think fast






They are coming

Behind you

Above you

They are




Always seeing you but out of

Sight out of mind

Kill the bastard and hide

My god. Hide like your life depends on it

Put the eye patch on your eye and yell ‘you

Fucker’ to the man you slaughter


Let the gold run through your fingers as the sun beats away at your skin

Mermaids enticing you to join them

As you board your ship and

Sail the skies of Jupiter

Fly through the night on your golden wings

Controlling the weather with a raise of your hand

A clutch of your fist

Nothing can stop you


The world is yours

You think as you dive

Plummeting towards the crook with the hooked hand


Tripping in your bed

Heart racing a mile a minute.

Sweat clusters to your body as you try to remember

Remember the words of friends imagined


The view from forgotten gardens

As they drift further from your mind

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Purple beauties clustered

On their green

Stems like a

Patient guardian waiting

For their orders

To be plucked

From the earth

Consumed with delight

As it attacks

Heart muscle nerves

In one move.

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She sat still

heart pounding

hands gripping

the sheets as


bellowed bellow.

She knew it was her fault.

Burying her face

she inhaled violets

and dreamt.


She saw gowns

long as they were wide

with jewels sewn in

to glisten with every twirl.

Her hands shook

as they glossed across

sparkling silver skirt

that ran from her waist.


A hand brushed

the bare skin

of her arm.

A smile.

Dance with me.

He led her


through throngs of people

smiling and laughing

greeting them

as they glided

across marble.



She lost herself

among the dazzle

finally free

from the watchful stare.

Here she was

not less than

nor more than

but equal.


The clock ticked


Like a rose wilting in the sun

her time was nearly done.

The hands would tick

and the dress would fade.


The dream was broken.

She sat still

heart pounding

hands gripping

the sheets as


bellowed bellow.

She knew it was her fault.


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