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Web Free Catastrophe

We’ve not had internet in my home town the last couple of days.

Okay, so my house (fortunately) had (spotty) internet but a lot of houses were left without after some builders accidentally cut through some fibre optic wiring. Today was the worst of it as we lost internet complete for a few hours.

All in all, it’s not the end of the world. I took this as a chance to do some light reading (and thank the lord my attention span for books has returned. I really have missed reading). But, going by my towns ‘gossip’ page it was.

Honestly, all anybody does on that page is moan about everything. It just so happened that today’s theme was lack of broadband covering area. It’s the sort of moaning I expected from my younger brother who’s constantly glued to the computer screen. But these were adults – I don’t mean people around my age. I mean adults around my parents age.

It’s sort of funny when you look at it that way, though. My parents are constantly moaning at my brother to go out and play. Yet they were complaining more that he was this afternoon. I think it’s because they’re actually more reliant on the internet than he is. He can still go out and kick a football at a fence (… well, not really. He does have a broken arm at the moment, but normally he would). But what could they do?

Mum might have picked up a book (if she could only remember where she had put them), but Dad’s more reliant that my brother. Seriously, at the moment he’s addicted to playing pool (the kind of addicted that he’s even confessed to playing it on the loo).

It’s like the last time we had a power cut. My brother and I were fine. I read and he played Lego. But my parents were completely and utterly lost for what to do without the T.V.

Some times, it’s really nice to be reminded that the older generations are more reliant on technology than the youngsters.



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