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July 4th, 2017

There’s something to be said about accomplishing a goal.

It’s not much mind, but I am officially past the 10,000 word count for my first novel. I’ve got to say, it is completely and utterly liberating.

I mean, sure. It’s taken me a month to get to this point. But in that month I’ve moved house, travelled to London twice, signed on, and done countless errands for my family. it’s been a busy month. And really, I’ve only truly been writing for the last two weeks.

I shouldn’t be trying to justify my excitement, I know. But it’s something I have come to learn about myself recently.

I feel I need to justify every action I make, especially if it results in something I’m proud of.

That, or I belittle the achievement.


Anyway, at least I know now that 10,000 words in a month is completely and utterly achievable (especially as I was not writing every day either).

Now I have the wonderful task for planning to write the next 10,000 words. And then the next 10,000 and so on and so forth until I have the vague idea of what the story is.

Then the fun part begins: editing.




I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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