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You hide behind the side of a crumbling building

Breathe deep and think fast






They are coming

Behind you

Above you

They are




Always seeing you but out of

Sight out of mind

Kill the bastard and hide

My god. Hide like your life depends on it

Put the eye patch on your eye and yell ‘you

Fucker’ to the man you slaughter


Let the gold run through your fingers as the sun beats away at your skin

Mermaids enticing you to join them

As you board your ship and

Sail the skies of Jupiter

Fly through the night on your golden wings

Controlling the weather with a raise of your hand

A clutch of your fist

Nothing can stop you


The world is yours

You think as you dive

Plummeting towards the crook with the hooked hand


Tripping in your bed

Heart racing a mile a minute.

Sweat clusters to your body as you try to remember

Remember the words of friends imagined


The view from forgotten gardens

As they drift further from your mind



I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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