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The Lego Batman movie (2017)

Nobody had to tell me twice to go watch this film. Ever since The Lego Movie (2014) came out, I knew we were onto a winner.

What other franchise could create completely unique films with more cross-overs than Kingdom Hearts?

None. That’s who.

Sure Lego Batman is a children’s film, but like all children films, they are made to be family friendly. And like all great children’s films, there is more than enough jokes to entertain the adults too.

Lego Batman takes all the humour and fast-paced action from The Lego Movie and uses it to make fun of all the Batman films that have ever been made.

No, seriously. They actually make a pretty fantastic joke about all the previous incarnations Batman has had.

Just check it out yourself:


I won’t say much more on the subject, but if you’re a fan of Batman you should definitely check this film out.

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