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February 21st, 2017

I was productive today.

Somehow I’ve managed to break the pattern and I actually managed to get work done.

Okay, so it wasn’t the work I wanted to do today that I finished, but I did something.

I even managed to do a little revision for my dissertation, meaning my life will be infinitely easier when I have to revise it once more.

I guess dissertation writing was a little bit of a cheat. I did have a tutorial with my supervisor this afternoon (finally after it was rescheduled 700 times). I always feel really motivated after speaking to her, which makes me want to see her every week rather than every other week. But that’s simply not realistic. Not with how OCD I get about my writing.

Still, it’s something. I’m proud of me. If only I can resort out my sleeping habits, life would be pretty fantastic right now.



I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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