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To February

Dear February,

Every day that passes becomes a day closer to the end of my uni experience. When I started my degree in 2014, I didn’t really know what I wanted. I knew I liked to write and that’s all that drove me to the course.

I started this blog as an attempt to be more creative. Instead, I’ve come here to rant and rave about the things going on in my life. I haven’t alway gone into detail about the things that are bothering me, but that’s still not something I’m comfortable sharing. I’m all too aware that this is cyberspace and not a diary. I’ve watched and read far too many things where a character has created a blog only for their inner thoughts to be shared to the rest of the world.So I stick to the safe stuff – me.

Over the past couple of months, I have found my interest dwindling. I still write as much as I can, but the idea of sharing some of it has started to haunt me. I sit staring at the publish button and I… just can’t do it.

So, I come to you with a promise. For this month, I would like to post every single day. This is not because you are the shortest month of the year (although it certainly helps), but because I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to make sure I upload every single day to get into the habit. It’ll be anything my heart desires; a review of a film or book, a blog post, or even something creative. And, because the vlogger’s of the world have ‘vlogmus’ and I have no idea whether or not blogger’s have something similar, I present to you: Bloguary.

Let’s see how long I last.






I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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