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November 9th, 2016

I’ve been trying to come to terms with everything all day. My head’s been in a whirl and I can’t seem to focus. This is not even an issue that I should be concerned with, but it still breaks my heart.

Today was the results of the American election.

I am a British woman with no place in American politics, but I am not ashamed to say that I was routing for Hillary Clinton to win. Regardless of the kind of woman she was, the woman running for president accepted her past mistakes and seemed to genuinely want to make America a safer space for everyone. The only problem I could feasible see in her campaign was that everyone hated her – Trump in particular.

But that is not the only thing that make me upset about this election. Primarily my fears rest on how this will fare with the rest of the world. Trump has already filed for bankruptcy with his ‘fantastic’ business skills multiple times – and now he is in charge of a nation where the world trade center is dominant. We all feared for economic disruption when Brexit happened, but the last time the World Trade center plummeted the worth of words was more than the worth of money. Can you see where my fears originate?

As if that was not horrendous alone, this is a man against the rights of the LGBTQ+ community – a community I am not a part of but support with every breath. Not only that, he is a sexist, homophobic, and all round misogynist placed in a position that can unravel decades worth of progressive work previous presidents have put in place.

This is a man that was going through a trial for raping a thirteen year old girl – a trial where the victim retracted her accusations after what I can only presume was more bullying from a vile man or his campaign team. Now you may say that the poor, innocent little girl was lying and by all accounts this could be the case. But when you have actual recordings of the despicable fiend saying ‘grab her by the pussy’ about women in general and saying how no woman will ever say no to him when he forces himself on them, you can bet your ass that the rape of a minor becomes entirely plausible.

But the thing that makes me sick beyond my stomach is this: it is 2016 and this election is resembling 1939 far more than it should. If you are now wondering what I am referring to – ~I’m referring to the Second World War, or more specifically; Hitler. How could we go from the progressive, and all round nice guy, Barack Obama to the petulant, fear-mongering, fiend that is Donald J. Trump?

Just hearing Trump refer to Hillary as ‘crooked Hillary’ constantly and without fault reminds me of Hitler referring to Jews as ‘vermin’. His entire campaign was about hate – building a wall around Mexico, culling the Muslim population, calling pregnancies an inconvenience to businesses. The only people that will benefit from Trump being in power are men like him; white supremacist males from a wealthy background. Anyone who does not fit this category should fear for their future.

Brexit in comparison seems like a small child’s temper tantrum in the middle of Asda. Trump in power is still that child, except with the ability to release all the bombs the nation has under its belt at any moment.

Hillary may have been a woman. She may have been ‘controlled by her hormones’, but at least she had experience in the field. At least she understood the significance of the position and what a woman in the oval office would have meant for America. But it was never Hillary’s hormones America and the world had to look out for – it was Trump.

Throughout the debates, all I ever saw Trump make was small minded comments, interruptions, and whining over how unfair the commentators were for treating Hillary with favor – when Hillary had hardly been given the chance to speak in the first place.

I could really rant about this all day. I haven’t even touched upon the depth of my anger and disappointment to my brother and sisters across the pond, but I’m stopping because I know this anger is misplaced. Now is not the time for anger.

Now is the time for compassion. Now is the time for consideration. For love and empathy.

I know I am just one person. I know my thoughts and beliefs mean nothing in the wider picture of the world. But I know that if I continue to love every person I meet in the world, continue to be polite and respecting regardless of how people treat me – then it will slowly bring change. Even a small change is enough for me to contend with.

Today hate won. Today the bigots of the world proved that hate is stronger than love.

But love is infectious. Love has a power and beauty that brings people together. Trump may be in power now, but unity among the minorities, women, and the LGBTQ+ community will be the first step in making sure he does not dismantle America to a wasteland of hatred and poison. Maybe, just maybe, America can come together and survive the next 4 years.

Then, it’ll be down to President Kayne West in 2020 to put the pieces back together.



I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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