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Me Before You (2016)


I am not a romantic. I find romantic films tedious and boring, not to mention cliched. But sometimes, just sometimes, I find myself settled down in front of one. Films like 10 things I hate about you, The Ugly Truth, and, really, just about any Jennifer Anniston movie are my guilty pleasures. I love them so much for really no reason at all.

Whilst I love a good action, sci-fi, or fantasy film, Rom-coms are truly the one type of film I go back to, time and time again.

When I watched the trailer for Me Before You, I knew my heart would break.It was going to be a tear-jerker- and I’m so glad I was prepared.

Emilia Clark is flawless, as always. She’s funny and warm and I could feel myself really sympathising with her. She’s forced to leave her safe-and-secure job in a cafe when it’s shut down, a job she initially only took as a joke. But Lou (Clark) has a way with people. She’s the sort of girl you just can’t help but get along with.

Despite this, Lou has no qualifications. None. Her job at the cafe was more like a godsend to her because she’s the type of girl most managers pass over. But she goes to an interview at the Traynor’s where her award winning personality gets her the job (or at least that’s what we are led to believe).

I’m going to leave all business of the plot out this review like I do when I truly enjoy a film. All I will say is that it offers nothing new to the genre. It’s what you expect, although the ending, which was completely predictable, was a nice touch. Honestly, I would recommend this film if you need a good cry and love Emilia Clark. This film others them both and I really found the film cathartic.

It was exactly what the doctor ordered.


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