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Bad Neighbors 2

There was no doubt in my mind that I would hate this film. The first one was pretty awful. The humour is crude and often related to sex or drugs – never mind the stupid antics that went during the entirety of the film. All in all, it really is not my kind of film but I thought I would give it a watch none the less. I mean, I might as well if I’m paying £16.90 a month for an unlimited pass.

Really, the only redeeming quality is that it brings to light the harsh sexist reality women are forced to live in in a way that men who refuse to admit there’s an inequality between sexes might understand. Okay, it’s not the best example but many of the male characters in the film do stop to think about their actions.

Now, if you don’t want any spoilers do not read on. I’m going in depth on this shit.

In this sequel, Zac Efron’s fraternity is a distant dream and the guys seem to have grown up a bit from the first. We are even shown Dave Franco getting engaged to his boyfriend. Efron’s character seems to be trying to cling to his former glory, especially when Franco kicks Efron out so he can live with his fiance. Instead of trying to find a place to live, Efron runs out of the house, shoeless, back to where his life was perfect; the fraternity house from the first film that just so happens to be up for let.

Now onto Chloe Moretz’s character. She’s a freshman ready for her college experience of going to parties and getting wasted. She rushes for Selena Gomez sorority only to find out that the parties are only thrown by fraternity’s (apparently, this is a Greek rule). Mortez ventures out to a fraternity party where she just so happens to meet her future ‘sisters’ and discovers that fraternity parties are basically the guy’s way of getting laid on a regular basis and charging money for their rent.

Moretz and her sisters return to their dorm, light up a joint and decide that they don’t want to live by the rules of men, who think they have a right to tell them what to do. This is emphasised by the male RA walking in and telling them that they can’t smoke pot in their room. They decide to make a sorority out of the Greek system, leading them to look at the very same property that Efron’s character is sulking in.

Having no cash to actually afford the property, Efron tells the girls how they can do it by telling them to rush other girls and throw enough parties every month for ‘five buckets of money’ (which makes no sense to me, but whatever). Cue Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne who now have a kid (and oh my god are they awful parents). They are trying to sell their house and even have a buyer interested. But, being the absolute fucking morons that they are, they went with an option that allowed the new buyers to back out for the first thirty days after agreeing if they find something wrong with the property (like noisy neighbours). Once the girls have settled in, they throw their first party in order to rush other girls to their sorority. Rogen and Byrne have already proven that they don’t have a single brain cell between them in this film, but they actually make the smart decision and decide to talk to the girls. They relatively politely ask them if they could keep the noise down for thirty days so they can sell their house then they can continue to throw the rowdiest parties they want.

Efron turns up and together he and the sorority tell Rogen and Byrne to piss off. Then begins the chapter of overly stupid plots to get the girls evicted in order to secure their house sale.

I won’t go into detail about why they’re plots are literally the most stupid thing in the entire universe, but I will mention one. The girls decide, after becoming really strapped for cash, to sell weed at this massive event (I can’t remember what it was called but it looked like a cookout for American Football). The problem that occurs is that all the other suppliers will be at this event, so it really is a risky move. They decide to call the cops on all the other dealers to get them arrested assuring that they are the only ones selling. Efron tries to tell them how fucking stupid the plan is, but they kick him out prompting him to join the two fucking dumbasses next door.

Efron then fills them in on the girls plans where they decide

I mean look at this shit. They’re trying way too hard here.

to go to this event (dressed in the most blatantly revealing way. Like seriously, they stand out in the worst possible way) and steal the girls stash so they can’t sell it
instead of, you know, calling the cops which would not only get them arrested but assure that they can’t continue renting the property. I mean, sure it’s a little harsh but they did the exact same thing only five minutes earlier. That, and they are literally the most annoying people right now.

Anyway, the buyers become aware of the sorority living next door and drop out and the ‘adults’ continue to foil the girls plans making them more desperate to raise money. So desperate, in fact, that they decide to abandon all their morals and throw a raging fraternity party and whore themselves out in order to make money. The adults try to get the party shut down, unsuccessfully, but they do manage to make the girls fight – causing most of them to decide to leave. Rogen and Byrne feel bad and have a ‘parental’ moment, giving the girls a pep talk that sends them back into the party to throw all the frat boys out. They lose all their funds, making them sad for a moment before deciding that if the sorority is going to end then at least the party is still true to them.

But wait, you thought it was all going to end in the worst possible way. Rogen and Byrne would be the owners of two houses and no way to afford either and the girls would be forced to be living in dorms again, right? Wrong. Instead, apparently every fucking girl who joined a sorority decide to join theirs so they can party and ‘be who they want to be’ and they approach the two idiots next door to rent their property as a ‘rush over-flow’. Rogen and Byrne move out, the sorority girls trash the place and all ends well.

Really, it looks like the perfect end to a really shitty film. I half-expected the two to move in only to find that they are living next to another fraternity/sorority so the cycle of shitty people can continue, but thankfully it seems to have ended.

Really, I don’t know what I expected from the film, but whatever I expected, it certainly hit lower than that. Honestly, it is only of the most mind-numbing stupid film franchise I have ever seen and would not wish it upon anyone.

Then again, Rogen’s pot orientated films are not for my demographic. It’s for people who enjoy watching films like Pineapple Express, and Jackass; both of which are films I avoid.

So yeah, you can take my review with a pinch of salt but all I can say is that it’s one of the most moronic things I have ever watched.




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