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Captain America: Civil War (spoiler free)

You may have noticed that I love superheroes. So, of course, I would go watch and review Captain America.

After reading the comic earlier this month, I was a little concerned as to how the film would turn out. But I can now say that I am pleasantly surprised.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep this review spoiler free for you.

My main concern with the film was how they would handle the adaptation. The comic was full of characters that will obviously not make an appearance in the film, like the Fantastic Four crew. First of all, I’m happy that it was impossible for the MCU to include all those characters. It would have been confusing and it would have alienated a lot of the audience who are only fans of the films. That and the build up to the films would have taken years to get to this point.

Long story short, I’m glad that we only see the Avengers crew (and the new additions, of course). It simplifies the story.

Also, the actual story arc of Civil War fits with the MCU perfectly. Whilst the comic had a pretty compelling argument, the film dealt with it better. The trailers make it seem like a petty argument between Cap and Tony when it actually boils down to a lot more than that.

I love this film. I would happily go watch it a million more times without complaint. Unfortunately, deadlines are approaching and I really don’t have time to sit in the cinema all day every day.

I’ll finish this review by saying one thing.





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