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March 31st, 2016

I’ve spent the last two days (well, it’s been on and off since last week, but a concentrated effort has been made in the last two) researching this blasted essay. The question has me researching whether it is possible for the artistic ambitions of the creator (in other words, the author) to balance the commercial drive of media owners (publishers) and consumers. Basically, do writers write because they want to or to get paid?

It really is an interesting essay to research. Truthfully, I’m finding it just as challenging as writing an essay for History A-level, which I miss. And no, that was not sarcasm.

The last year of my Creative Writing degree has been amazing. Honestly, I’m so glad that I decided to pursue it. Who knows where I would have been if I didn’t? But I miss doing the more academic research. I miss studying Classical Civilization, History, and English Language. Especially in the second year where I finally hit my stride and started seeing a change in my grades (I fucked up in two of my exams, but that’s not the point).

This essay has been really insightful. I’ve  found that writing is a skill, one you have to work your butt off to refine, but at the same time, it’s like a whole new level of marketing that you never even think about until you try writing with the intention to publish. There’s so much to consider the moment you decide to publish.

It makes sense that at the beginning of my second year, my tutor pushed for us to think about who you want reading your novel. At the time I was annoyed. If I’m being honest, I still am. Writing to an audience is the most creative blocking thing I have ever discovered. Introducing the audience makes what you write so much harder. You have to think of how appropriate things are, whether this twist will interest them or lose them.

That’s why I have decided that I will never write with the intention to publish. I never did before, so why change it. I have always used writing as a way of telling myself stories – stories that weren’t always available for me to read. Young Adult stories where there was no romance – or a hideous love triangle (whoever came up with that trope, please leave).Why would I change that?

Sure, one day I would like to be published. But that’s if the opportunity ever come up. That’s why I’m constantly reminding my mum that I’m not in it to become an author. I’d much rather go into publishing than publish my own.

I want to see more diverse books on the market – not just ones with physically strong heroines with a swarm of good looking guys pinning for her attention.

I want to revolutionize the books on the market – by seeing other authors succeed.

Maybe I should aim higher than that, but I honestly don’t think I have enough writing talent to pull that off.



I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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