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March 30th, 2016

I am literally the worst.

I promised myself that on Tuesday I would go to the library every day in order to get through this essay. I went on Tuesday, felt dead proud of myself.

An hour in and my head starts spinning. I took some time out, thinking I was just stressed, but my head wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t power through because I just couldn’t read.The words were swimming.

Then I realized that I hadn’t had breakfast, so I went and grabbed something to eat. When that didn’t fix it, I gave up and went home (before deciding to go to the Cinema to de-stress – but that’s for another blog post). Today I’ve actually been trying to study. It’s been on and off, but ultimately I’ve achieved nothing.

I’ve actually decided that I’m going straight to the library once I’ve finished this post. I’ve basically spent most of this week not doing the things I want – I decided Saturday that I wasn’t going to work Sunday because it was Easter and I wanted to make myself a yummy roast. Monday I thought I would wait till the library opened 24 hours again, rather than disrupting myself whilst I worked.

Now I have no excuse… Except I’m bored and I don’t really want to work.

But I know that once the essay’s out of the way, it all creative writing work I’ve got left. I just need to crack on and start working.

So here I go. I’m heading to the library right now to crack on with some work.

Wish me luck!



I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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