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March 23rd, 2016

Yesterday I made a post detailing how writing short story was causing me grief.

For those of you interested in my semi rant, you can find the post here: Short Stories.

Today I have to eat my own words. The feedback I received was beyond what I was expected. It’s all so positive, it’s given me a warm feeling.

Now I feel like a pessimist because the feedback is not helpful enough for the next part of my coursework; improving the story. How can I improve something that so many people have called ‘wonderful’ (again, not tooting my own horn, this time it’s an actual quote from the feedback sheet).

I’m a bit stumped. I would love to post the work on here in order to get more feedback, but I fear for the plagiarism detector. It may be my own work, but it’ll look like I’m submitting something I have written a long time ago – which isn’t the case.

I’ll post it on here once coursework has been marked. I’m sure some of you are curious about my story – especially now that I’ve detailed some of the feedback I’ve received.

For now I’ve emailed my tutor and practically begged her to say something horrible about my work. I kind of need negative feedback in order to improve it – something like my grammar is awful, or I’ve used the wrong tense. Right now, everything seems too good to be true.

Again, it feels like I’m fishing for compliments. I’m not, although the ones I’ve received today have been a nice surprise.

I feel like that’s my issue, though. I self-doubt way too much. I always think “oh yeah that’s a good idea” but when I write it I always feel like I’m letting the idea down; that I’m not executing it well enough.

I guess that’s natural for all writers though. Nothing stands up to the pictures of your mind; no words can describe how vivid I see the story.

I really need to learn to stop doubting myself. Rarely anything is perfect the first draft. This short story has been revised at least four or five times since I started it back in January. The idea has morphed and developed. The same thing is going to happen when I write a novel (which I will achieve one day, when I stop delaying the process of course).





I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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