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March 21st, 2016

Hello stress, meet obligations.

Today I met with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and New Choices for Youth to talk over a variety of things that should help my relations with other students stronger (not only in general, but for my job as Residential Assistant at Uni).

The thing with the talk was, although so helpful in identifying what was making me stressed in the first place, such as people (and dealing with their attitudes, especially if they are negative), obligations (like coursework, exams, and meetings), and public transport (nothing stresses me out more than traveling home for the weekend). But they didn’t really discuss how to deal with stress in this session.

That’s through no fault of their own. We still have one more session to go and the guy running the session already told us this session would conclude in the next. The problem is, thinking about what stresses me out has made me more stressed in the process.

And when I’m stressed, I… well, cry. I’m a big emotional mess and I have no idea how to calm myself down. So I usually call my mum (which doesn’t usually help because what I want is a hug, which is kind of difficult to receive when you’re on the phone). I’m not saying that I started to cry. I just felt the beginnings of what normally comes before I start to cry – Panic.

It’s like a fluttering feeling in my chest that makes me anxious. I get it whenever I’m in a crowd (so basically whenever I’m forced to go clubbing, or when I go to Westfield), or presenting in front of the class (even when I’ve practiced the presentation a million times, or I’m completely comfortable in front of the group).

It’s a feeling I try to avoid. Unsuccessfully, I’d like t add.

But that’s the thing with life. You can’t avoid stress. You just learn to deal with it.

I know I’m going to go through a stressful period soon. How could I not when deadlines are slowly approaching. I just need to deal with them one at a time.

I have an essay due in after Easter, so I’m sacrificing an extra week at home with my family to get the essay finished (as well as any other work due I can fit in). I’m still heading home for my birthday, just a little later than I want to. But if I keep thinking of it as a reward (especially as I’ll be in the flat on my own the entire week), I’ll be able to power through it.

It’s all about pacing yourself, and learning how you deal with things. Identifying why you’re stressed is the first step in helping yourself prevent it.

Of course there’s also positive stress too (yeah, I frowned as well). Apparently this still effects us, but it a better, more rewarding way. Some thing people put down as positive stress were job interviews, exams (especially if you revised for it), and holidays. I understand all of them (well, maybe not the job interview part).

Stress is a part of life. Sometimes the stress is just the anticipation to something you want. I always believed that stress was bad – everything relating to it would give you a headache (and in some cases, its quite literally a headache). But not necessarily.

It’s all about knowing yourself and knowing the signs. Then it’s up to you to handle the stress, even if it’s just making it more manageable.



I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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