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March 18th, 2016

Today has been amazing. I finally managed to make my way over to the Harry Potter Studio’s and, my god I wish I went earlier.

I fangirled so hard today that I’m exhausted.

Everything about the studio’s was so magical. The atmosphere was electrifying. I want to go back, make as many Harry Potter reference I can before settling down on Privet Drive with nice cup of tea.

But seriously. I love Harry Potter. I’ve only been completely sold on the franchise for a few years, but it feels like a life time.

I read the books older than most people. I was watching the films as they were released on DVD (my family aren’t big on cinemas). I loved Harry, I saw myself in Hermione (little nerdy girl who loved to read), and thought Ron was hilarious. It was only after watching Half-blood Prince that I got a little confused and borrowed the books off my sister.

And the rest is history.

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These are just a few photo’s that I took today (one panorama didn’t go so well as the woman moved whilst I was taking it. oh well). I would have included them all but I took well over a hundred and, honestly, it really is something you need to experience yourself.

My photo’s cannot do the justice of the hard work and dedication behind the studios. Everything you see, every step you take, is jaw-droppingly beautiful (and yes, I am aware that droppingly is not a word, but I challenge you to find something better).

If you love Harry Potter as much as I do, then it is something you have to experience. I highly recommend the day out.

But not only did I have one of the best days I have ever had in a long time, but I also dropped a wad of cash at the studio’s too. I won’t say how much, nor will I even reveal what I bought but I will say that I regret nothing.

My flatmate even raised a brow to the price I spent, but hey. When in Rome.




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