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March 15th, 2016

I am a big ball of contradiction.

There. I said it.

But it is human nature to say one thing and do another. We’ve all been there.

I was talking today with my mentee. She recently struggled producing an essay, as I advised her to begin early in order to reduce stress later on. But the thing is I am exactly the same.

Really, it’s kind of a joke that I am a peer mentor. I’m unorganized, procrastinator, who just so happens to be emotionally unstable (especially when stressed).

I have two tutorials on Tuesday about coursework I’m supposed to have been working on for a while. One is an essay, the other is a portfolio.

I have done nothing for either.

In my defense, Easter is slowly approaching and I was planning on using it to write the essay. The tutors, however, how different ideas and now I need to get my butt into motion and produce some work for them – or at least some outlines.

Which is why today’s entry is so short. Uni calls, and I keep finding distractions.



I'm currently working my way through a Creative and Professional Writing degree in London.

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