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The Way The World Ends.

Don’t worry, it’s not literal. It’s just a book.apocalypse

For my degree, we have to write a short story. My lecturers strongly advised that we familiarized ourselves with them for the project. Apocalypse by Calum Kerr just so happened to peak my interest.

Now I love a good disaster book. And this was Kerr’s collection of flash fiction on the apocalypse – how could I not love it?

Except for the fact that I didn’t. Not really.

I will say this about Apocalypse; it wasn’t what I expected.

When I think of the apocalypse trope, automatically I think of I am Legend by Richard Matheson, or The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Both are tales that occur after the major event has happened.

Apocalypse follows many characters. Some recurring, and others for only a glimpse. It combines all the usual tropes of end of world books. It has zombies, Godzilla like creatures, and even a ‘rapture’ of sorts. But it is the way Kerr combines them in his series that somehow makes the story sound plausible. It does not sound completely bizarre, which it undoubtedly is when you list them in such a fashion.

It flows in an unexpected way. However I could not fully enjoy the stories. Maybe it is because of the nature of flash fiction, but I found myself wanting more. I wanted to know these characters. I wanted to see them go on adventures; to survive. 

For me, flash fiction is brilliant. It is more complicated to write than a novel, yet Kerr managed to make a novella out of flash fiction. It works because he comes back to several character’s throughout.Each time you greet them is like the first; you don’t necessarily have to read the stories in the right order. In fact, I’m pretty certain you could flick to any story within the book and read it, and it will still make sense.

For that reason alone, I recommend Apocalypse for anyone who loves disaster books.



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