About Me

Hi there! If you are reading this, then I suppose you want to know more about me. So let’s start with the basics.

My name is Katie and I’m 21 years old. I’m from the ‘sunny’ seaside town known as Brighton (although, if you have ever been to Brighton you would know that it is anything but ‘sunny’). I lived in London during my time at the University of East London where I studied Creative and Professional Writing (and received a First Class degree!) .

You can probably guess that I am an aspiring writer. I mostly write fiction, but recently have begun a friendship with writing poetry (although you can be the judge as to whether it is good or not). One day, I hope to either publish my own book, work in publishing, or open a bookstore – or, you know, all three.

This blog is mostly about expressing myself – whether it be through personal blog posts, my struggles as a creative writer, my own work, or reviews. This is the place I come to share. I hope to post frequently, but with how scattered my brain is the likely hood of that happening is slim. But the one thing I will always do is keep coming back.